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Jason Segel, Marshall de “Foi Assim Que Aconteceu”, está em Portugal

Foto: Jason Segel em Portugal


Jason Segel, Marshall de “Foi Assim Que Aconteceu”, está em Portugal

Jason Segel, que interpretou Marshall Eriksen na série “Foi Assim Que Aconteceu”, está de férias em Portugal com a sua namorada.

O ator passou alguns dias em Lisboa e tanto ele como a namorada partilharam fotos da estadia nas redes sociais.

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O casal esteve – entre outros sítios que não mostraram aos seus seguidores – no Jardim da Estrela, no restaurante Cave 23 e a gelataria Nannarella.

Foram também até à Comporta onde almoçaram no mesmo restaurante que Madonna visitou quando veio a Portugal em maio, o restaurante Sal.

Vê aqui as fotos:

Portugal is full of beautiful people. Everyone I've encountered has been warm, inviting and helpful. They know that food, drink, friends, family and joy are the reasons we live. (That, mixed with espresso and dessert.) There are no straight lines, flat surfaces, smooth edges or dull moments. Nobody is in a hurry, but they will probably arrive where they are going before you. The music is all the best remix of your favorite song. The sun is strong enough to tan but not intense enough to burn. The water is clear and the fish that come from it taste like they lived their best lives and then exuberantly lept to your plate. The wine is low in alcohol so you can manage an extra glass or two and still ride a bike. The old women will give up theirs seat on the trolley for you because they want to and you can't argue. The tile covers every surface and tells the story of attention to detail and love of craft. The chef will come talk to you about food and travel and they might just hug you. The light is different and you'll leave wishing you could take it along. Travel while you can, soak it all in, you may only get one of these lives.

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Eat local. 🦐💛

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Portugal, no filters necessary. 💛

Uma publicação partilhada por Alexis 🌿Mixter (@gonzoaesthetic) a

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